How to make a drone : the frame (Part 2)

How to make a drone : the frame (Part 2)

How to make a drone : the frame (Part 2)

To make your own drone you need different parts. One of those parts is the frame. The frame supports and protects the entire drone. Without frame you have nothing to build. To be sure of a good choice, it is important to compare the different possibilities. Frames exist in many different materials, shapes and formats.

The form
The shape of the frame is very important. It is therefore advisable to set this as a first condition. Depending on the type of drone, the frame has a different shape. Pay particular attention to the number of arms present, as they determine how many engines can be placed on the drone. Most people are building a quadcopter, so keep in mind that the frame has four arms. In addition, it can also make sure that the frame does not have any unnecessary protrusions. In addition to increasing the air resistance, these projections can also break faster and thus cause weaknesses on the frame.

Also check if there are any holes in the frame. These are important for later, while installing other components, to wrap the cables. If these are not present, you will need to drill them later. This may involve risks with regard to the firmness of the frame. If you intend to install a camera on the front of the drone, it is important to check that this is provided. Many frames will provide a relatively well-protected position on the front to insert a camera. In case of a crash there is a much smaller chance that the camera will be damaged.

The size
Drones exist in many different formats. The smallest drones fit into the palm of your hand or in your jacket pocket. When purchasing a small frame, make sure it is not too small. Make sure the dimensions of the other components are known and check that they fit the frame. Even with small (25 cm diagonal) and medium (40-60 cm diagonal) drones, it is important to see all dimensions. An over-sized frame causes the drone to log and that you will have a lot of empty places on your frame.

The material
Many different materials are available on the market. Each material has its own advantages, which will be listed here.

The biggest advantage of a plastic frame is the price. A disadvantage of plastic is that it breaks faster than the other materials. Consequently, frames of plastic are hardly bought by people who make up their own drone. Plastic occurs mainly in commercially sold drones.

A wooden frame, like plastic, is very cheap. The biggest drawback of wood is the weight. When constructing a drone it is very important to keep the weight as low as possible. The lower the weight, the faster the drone will be and the longer the battery will work.

Carbon fibers
This type of frame has the advantage that it is very sturdy and light. A disadvantage is then the higher cost price. Carbon fiber frames are used very often because the combination of firmness and low weight is ideal in a drone. Make sure that carbon fiber conducts current, loosening wires are out of the question if you use this type of frame.

Aluminum is often used in aviation. This because it has a very low weight and not so much. A disadvantage of aluminum is that the material is not very sturdy. In case of a hard crash, parts of the frame can often be folded.

In addition to all these dots, there is one last important condition: make sure the frame looks beautiful, it will for the most part determine the shape of your drone.

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