Everything about in love and love sadness

Everything about in love and love sadness

Everything about in love and love sadness

Are you in love or are you in love? If you’re in love with someone for the first time, you might not know what you’re up to. You’re not yourself anymore. Your heart will beat faster if the person you fell in love with is in your area. You do not dare to look at him or her, but if you do, you get a kiss in your throat. Or do you have love distress? Then you experience the pain of love.

Love is described as a very beautiful feeling. That can be true, but only if love is mutual. If you’re in love with someone and that person is also in love with you, you’ll feel in the clouds. You always want to be with that person, you want to touch him or her and you want to hug and kiss him or her. If you’re in love with someone, you’ll also find everything fun to that person. You find that person handsome, sweet and funny, moving, cozy, and so on. Love is a very extreme form of love, because your hormones play a major part. However, it is not the only form of love we know. There are many forms of love such as:

  • in love
  • mother love / father love
  • love for your family
  • love for your good friends
  • charity
  • love for a pet
  • love for food
  • love for yourself
  • others

If you fall in love, you feel in the seventh heaven. Especially when you’re in love for the first time, it’s new to you that another person can have such a strong influence on you that you’re not alone. You can therefore behave differently if you fall in love. For example, you may be affected by:

  • to blush
  • shyness
  • choking and stuttering
  • show inconvenient behavior like stumbling or dropping things out of your hands
  • being obsessed with someone busy

Love sickness
Love sadness is the pain you feel when your love is unanswered. You may suffer from sadness:
as the person you are in love with that is not yours
if you are unhappy in your relationship
after somebody made it out with you
if somebody else has gone and you’ll be there
because someone is unreachable to you, like when you fall in love with an idol

The good news is that love sadness always goes over, just bite the sour apple. The bad news is that love always always goes on.

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